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We help you buy and build your online club for fun, prestige and profit. I’m Page Howe and I’ve been buying and selling domain names for 15 years. I hold two of the top sales of all time and our company has sold more than 4000 names for over $8 Million dollars.  We participated somewhat in the new GTLD roll-out and have followed TLD Marketing since our application for .KIDS in the first round of news TLD’s in 2002.

I Think the .CLUB Team, their Attitude, Marketing, and New Finance Program present one of the Best Opportunities for Real Profit in the Market Today.  I have picked out my 5 (News to be Released Shortly) and Ill show you how I’m Building Them into Real Online Clubs (and other others for clients). But first things first, names are going fast in this new program and I had to launch early to get the lists out and offer you the best picks from the .CLUB Premium Name list.

Buy now at Get.CLUB

Step 1 is grab the best online real estate you can.  Sitebuilders, the .CLUB interest free finance program allows to snag great .Club domain names and  pay for them interest free over 60 months.   Buy a $10,000 name for $150 a month with our discount code MAKEMONEY.  Use the money you make operating your club to pay for the name.

Domain Investors – Tie up great .club domain names for low monthly payments and build or sell with unlimited upside.

We’ve searched the lists and shown you the best picks – or email us for the complete list of 10,000 names, and we will continue to bring you updates on the best names, and why you should buy them.

See the Page Howe Special Top 250 names By Price
See the Page Howe Top Top 250 names by Category

Then, in phase 2 we will show you the next steps on how to build your club and what products and services you can use to be running an online club within 1-5 days.

I’ve been buying and selling online properties and reviewing internet opportunities since 1996.  The timing, right now, to buy great .cub domain names with a supportive registry, market pricing and interest free financing is one of the Best Internet Marketing Opportunities I can imagine. It wont be easy and it will take work – But an online club in one of three areas:

–  Product (Box or Crate)
–  Community
–  Wholesale or Discount

Can give you the recurring revenue everyone is or will be after in their online business.  Grab the prestige of the best name you can afford – then join me and lets build 1000’s of successful clubs….. together …for fun and profit.

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