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Welcome, March 2017 We had planned to have the website services up and running but great names are disappearing daily on the .CLUB domain financing program, so we have launched our best of lists. Grab your and build yourself or join our community to help you grow your business.

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Page Howe is a Veteran Domain Name Investor, Educator and Consultant. Page is now a Broker for .CLUB Premium domain names. Use Code MAKEMONEY to buy premium domain names at 10% off at BuyBuild.CLUB is a community site for .CLUB premium name owners to help members grow successful businesses on their .CLUB domain names, or resell names for profit.

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You can buy a .club domain name at most registrars. Premium names are available at various registrars, but the best .CLUB premium names, $20,000 and above and the special financing is offered at Get.CLUB. Use our code MAKEMONEY to save 10%.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is .CLUB

.Club is a top level domain name (TLD) Offered since 2014, its one of the Top Five New TLDs globally in terms of number of registrations and live websites, maybe #1!!

What is BuyBuild.CLUB is a private .CLUB users group started by Page Howe to show the best .CLUB domains and tips and strategies to turn these names into successful, profitable websites.

How Much are .CLUB domain names?

.CLUB domain names not on the premium list are available at most registrars for about the same price as .com.

What Are Premium Domain Names?

.CLUB has managed the registry for the long term, holding back and making available to the highest and best users premium names at prices from $100 to $300,000.

What is the Financing Program?

At Get.CLUB, using our code MAKEMONEY, you can save 10% of prices on premium domain names, and RECEIVE 60 MONTHS NO INTEREST FINANCING. Financing is non-recourse you control the name in your sub-account and show on the who-is.

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Page’s Lists – Best .Club Names you Can Buy EXCLUSIVE

Best at 20k and Above  (avail as of Feb 19th or so) Pages Best For The Money (updated Feb26) Pages Best  (updated Feb 26) All Geos  – Im developing Here ( Mostly English Words  – 10k and under Adult Names

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Welcome to BuyBuild.CLUB We help you buy and build your online club for fun, prestige and profit. I’m Page Howe and I’ve been buying and selling domain names for 15 years. I hold two of the top sales of all […]